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Digital X-Ray Phase 1 snagging photos

Client: Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Project: Lewisham Hospital Digital X-Ray Department Reconfiguration

Contractor: Logan Construction

Architect: Floyd Slaski LLP

MEP Engineer: Wooster Jeffs Associates

Structural Engineer: Ramtech Consulting

Project Manager: WT Partnership

Cost Consultant / CA: Currie and Brown

Principal Designer: Flood Projects

This complex x-ray department reconfiguration has several challenges typical of working in a hospital in a live patient environment. The key goals were to :

  1. Upgrade the x-ray machines to provide modern digital x-ray capability.

  2. Provide increased waiting area and to improve patient privacy and dignity.

  3. Deliver the scheme in 2 phases, so that the Trust can continue to operate and only 'lose' one x-ray room at any time.

  4. Upgrade the mechanical and electrical services including new roof air handling plant and ductwork distribution.

These photos were taken during phase 1 'snagging', prior to Philips arriving to begin their 2 week equipment install. The project has involved significant coordination between the design team, contractor and the clients equipment supplier, Philips. The challenge was particularly significant due to the tightness of space - every inch had to be maximised and this resulted in a very bespoke solution. All existing walls within the department have to demolished to achieve this tailored design and an added complication turned out to be lead paint contaminated walls, requiring specialist demolition and clearance procedures.

View of the nearly complete phase 1 corridor and waiting area. Just the radiation warning lights to add. The widened corridor provides additional desperately needed waiting capacity. The phase 2 waiting area includes 2 bed bays with privacy curtains.

View looking back to the phase 1/2 hoarding line with live patient areas beyond. The corridor was split which enabled most of the services infrastructure serviing both phases 1 and 2 to be installed as part of phase 1, which reduced the programme and disruption to the Trust. The phasing ensures that the Trust are only 1 scanner 'down' for the duration of the works. Jason Twort the Logan Construction site manager talks through the phase 1 handover with Nick Edis of WTP.

X-Ray room 1 ready to receive the Philips equipment. The Philips cable trunking had to be wall mounted due to restricted ceiling space. The structural beams which are needed to support the Philips ceiling tracks take up the full ceiling void in order to maximise ceiling height. The Philips floor trunking in the screed is visible. Logan construction will return to complete the vinyl on the floor trunking after the Philips install.

WTP Project Manager Nick Edis strolls past Digital X-Ray Room 1, complete with Wardray radiation protection screen. The contrasting vinyl flooring strip and orange wall cladding are to delineate the safe radiation protected working zone. You can also see that because the corridor ceiling is lower than the x-ray room, enabling the air supply and extract grilles to be in the wall at high level.

Updates on progress to follow.

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