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Game changing insulation for hospital thermal upgrades?

This just looks amazing. New data just received since my previous blog titled 'Finding the balance between cost, sustainability and patient comfort... ... and the 80-20 rule' confirms real world testing of the new internal insulation / lining board. 20mm of this woodfibre lining board are shown to have the same insulating effect as a 900mm thick brick wall!

A typical solid brick wall is tested before and after - the U-value is improved from 2.99W/m2K to 1.40W/m2K:

"The energy and temperature changes on a wall insulated with UdiIN 2CM® were investigated using a 24 cm thick sand-lime brick wall with a standardized test surface of 1.8204 m². The thermal conductivity coefficient of the sand-lime brick wall was measured before the test at a value of 2.99 W/m² K. After the installation of the UdiIN 2CM® boards the sand-lime brick wall showed an improved thermal conductivity coefficient value of 1.40 W / m² K."

Clearly this does not meet the standards for consequential improvements stated in Part L2B, but for refurbishments of less than 1,000m2, it is a very cost effective way of improving existing U-values significantly and should be encouraged. Ideally the building regulations would be revised to recognised this type of lining as a minimum requirement in almost any internal refurbishment where thermal improvements are needed, regardless of building type and consequential improvement criteria.  

As noted in the previous blog, this is particularly great for healthcare buildings in that it raises the internal temperature of the wall, benefiting the patients comfort and therefore having a positive effect on health and well being. Healthcare architects take note!

In summary 

  1. Space-saving, slim 2 cm construction

  2. Simple installation using adhesive

  3. For every room where space is limited

  4. Bridges cracks on all substrates

  5. No harmful emissions

  6. Improves the humidity and room climate

  7. Perceptibly warmer exterior walls in winter

  8. Sound absorbing due to the stationary air columns

  9. Suitable for all surface coatings, even tiles

  10. Increases the surface temperature

  11. The sensation of radiated cold disappears

  12. Energy-saving

  13. Very good price-performance ratio

The data sheet is not yet available from their website but you can email me if you would like a pdf copy. 

On the brochure sheet the benefits are described as:

"A positive room climate – all year round In the cold seasons everybody wants to keep comfortably warm and in the summer pleasantly cool. The new insulation system guarantees consistently warm external walls in winter. Everybody has heard of the “double glazing effect”. The insulating effect is provided by the stationary air layer between the panes. Even better than double glazing, the UdiIN 2CM® SYSTEM also absorbs moisture and transports it away. This promotes a comfortable room climate, all year round."

"Ecological This environmentally-friendly interior insulation system is made from 100% renewable and recycled raw materials - wood fibres combined with a cellulose honeycomb matrix. Bring the forest into your home!"

"Capillary-active for increased comfort The materials used in this product are able to absorb moisture in the room air, to store it and then release it to the exterior or interior via tiny capillaries. This action maintains a positive, healthy room climate. A vapour retarder is not required."

"Keeps walls looking good The insulation system bridges small cracks in the external wall. It is suitable for all types of surface coatings and sets no limits on your decorating wishes."

"A unique insulating effect

In the UdiIN 2CM® SYSTEM the stationary air layer is enclosed within the walls of the climate chambers that run parallel and vertically to the heat flow. Due to its high thermal storage capacity, the surface temperature of the UdiIN 2CM® SYSTEM is much higher than, for example, a traditional brick wall."

Watch the installation demonstration video here. Its pretty clear what's going on even if you don't speak German. 

Please share any of your own internal wall thermal upgrade experiences with me at hal@floydslaski.co.uk

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